Being exhausted is as impairing as alcohol

Sleepy Soldier

Feel tired all the time? Sluggish? Convinced you’re not getting enough sleep?

You may be right. And the result may be that your exhaustion is influencing you as much as alcohol.

Sleep deprivation and fatigue plague us all at one point or another. But for some organizations, maintaining peak performance is crucial… like the military and sports teams.

That’s why Canadian startup Fatigue Science has been helping sports teams and military organizations manage fatigue.

Here’s the background:  the US Army did a 12-year study to build a model that predicts cognitive effectiveness based on sleep quantity, sleep quality and time of day sleep happens.

Readiband Interface

Fatigue Science then built a cool watch that tracks how much and when you sleep. Your data is plugged into the algorithm, and voila! A simple read-out tells you the percent effectiveness you are at any given moment. Drop below 70% and you’re as impaired as if you were too drunk to drive.


Watch the shelves, because this little gadget is about to be available to consumers. AND Fatigue Science plans to license the algorithm to other wearables, like the Nike Fuel, or the Fitbit. Soon, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your sleep the same way the US Military does.


We’re hoping the Fatigue Science Readiband is out by Christmas, so we can be a little less tired and a little less irritable around all that family!


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Yosemite Fires vs Yellowstone Fires

Rim Fire

The Rim fire in Yosemite National Park has been devastating, and it is still only 80% contained… with no guarantees that it won’t get worse.

25 years ago, fires spread across another National Park in a series of fires that were much bigger and harder to fight. Here are some interesting facts:

Yellowstone Fire

The Rim fire is currently 236,000 acres (about 370 square miles). The 1998 Yellowstone fires were about 5 times larger, at 1.2 million acres (1,875 square miles).


The Rim fire started on August 17th, and is expected to be contained by about 9/20 (so, about a month). The Yellowstone fires kicked off on July 21 (a month earlier), and continued to rage until the first snows on 9/11.


4,185 firefighters are working on the Rim fire. 25,000 firefighters fought the Yellowstone fire.


The Rim fire is worse than Yellowstone in terms of buildings destroyed. So far, the Rim Fire has destroyed 111 buildings. The Yellowstone fires destroyed 67.


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The cheapest portable memory is… going to surprise you!


A recent article on Mashable got us thinking: there are lots of portable memory options out there, and it seems to be getting cheaper. But, is it? (All of these are currently Prime-Eligible on Amazon)


You can get a 10-pack of 1.44 MB Diskettes for $9.95. To store 1 GB of memory you would have to spend $707.56 (plus you’d have to break your files into 1.44 MB chunks… good luck with that).


Amazon also has a 50-pack of CD-Rs, which you can only save to once, for $13.24. That comes to $0.39 per GB.


The ability to re-write will cost you. A 25-pack of CD-RWs are $10.94, or $0.64 per GB.


Surprisingly, Flash drives aren’t any cheaper. A 16 GB flash drive is $12.07, or $0.75 per GB. That’s 18% more expensive than CD-RWs!

Of course, you can buy in bulk and bring the cost down a bit. A 64 GB flash drive on Amazon is $38.71, or $0.60 per GB. That’s about 6% less than the CD-RWs, but you’re also spending nearly 4x as much to get the discount.


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2 of our favorite posts for Labor Day


As you barbecue with the neighbors this Labor Day remember: Mosquitoes love BBQ as much as we do!


And, after 3 days off, you may be a little sleep deprived tomorrow. Here’s a peek at how your sleep would be if you didn’t have an alarm.

Happy Labor Day!

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2 Awesome Pics from NASA

mars eclipse

First: NASA’s Curiosity rover caught some awesome pics of the largest moon, Phobos, blotting out the sun on its one-ton camera.

star birth

Second, a new radio telescope in Chile captured some gigantic jets of gas ejected from a newly formed star 1,400 light-years away. Awesome.


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Top 5 Articles of August


You voted with your clicks, and here are the top 5 Faitfeed articles for August:


1. Elysium watch: 4 real-world exoskeletons – see 4 exoskeletons either in use or development today.


2. Change your sleep pattern and you can throw away your alarm – Hitting snooze sucks. How we slept before alarm clocks existed.


3. Welcome Planet Number 927 – it’s Pink! – Exoplanets are everywhere!


4. So that’s what we look like from 900 million miles away – Earth’s 3rd selfie.


5. The 12 Planets scientists think we could live on next – A dozen options for Earth 2.

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You read what he got right, but what did Asimov get wrong in 1964?


Hmmm, you may have read somewhere on the internet in the last 24 hours that Isaac Asimov’s predictions about 2014 that he made during the 1964 Word’s Fair were surprisingly accurate. The biggest surprise is that apparently no one who wrote those posts actually read Asimov’s predictions. Because, 2014 is nothing like what Asimov predicted. Here are a few excerpts:

“By 2014, electroluminescent panels will be in common use. Ceilings and walls will glow softly, and in a variety of colors that will change at the touch of a push button.” … Nope.

“Suburban houses underground, with easily controlled temperature, free from the vicissitudes of weather, with air cleaned and light controlled, should be fairly common.” … Unless he meant garden apartments, then… nope.

“The surface [of the planet] … will be given over to large-scale agriculture, grazing and parklands, with less space wasted on actual human occupancy.” … Opposite!

“Fission-power plants … by 2014, will be supplying well over half the power needs of humanity.” … Nada

“Power stations in space, collecting sunlight by means of huge parabolic focusing devices and radiating the energy thus collected down to earth.” … Interesting… but nope.

“Jets of compressed air will also lift land vehicles off the highways, which, among other things, will minimize paving problems. Smooth earth or level lawns will do as well as pavements. Bridges will also be of less importance, since cars will be capable of crossing water on their jets, though local ordinances will discourage the practice.” … Potholes still suck.

“Underwater housing will have its attractions to those who like water sports” … what?

And finally, the prediction we thought was the most interesting. High school students proficient in binary arithmetic. Fun! :

“All the high-school students will be taught the fundamentals of computer technology will become proficient in binary arithmetic and will be trained to perfection in the use of the computer languages that will have developed out of those like the contemporary ‘Fortran’ (from ‘formula translation’).”

Here is the full, original article.


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